Academic Council

The Academic Council.- (1) The Academic Council shall consist of the following, namely:- 

1 The Vice-Chancellor Sh. Om Thanvi, Vice-Chancellor, Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur   Ex-Officio Chairman
2 Director (Student Welfare) Sh. V.K. Mathur, Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur    Ex-Officio     Member
3 Director (Human Resource Development) Sh. Anand Sharma, Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur    Ex-Officio     Member
4 Deans (Agriculture and Allied Fields) Prof. Srikant Sharma, Retd. Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Swami Keshawanad Agriculture University, Bikaner (Residing in Jaipur) Mobile: 9783269324 Ex-Officio     Member
5 Deans (Aerospace and Aviation) Prof. Ashok Singh Retd. Professor of Tourism and Hotel Management, MLSU, Udaipur Additional Charge Ex-Officio     Member
6 Deans (Beauty and Wellness) Prof. U.S. Agrawal Professor, Former Principal, S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur     Ex-Officio     Member
7 Deans (Communication Design) Dr. Manoj Lodha Dean, Faculty of Journalism Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Jaipur Mobile: 98290 44910      Ex-Officio     Member
8 Deans (Equipment and Machine Maintenance) Prof. Khaleequr Rehman Niazi Professor-HAG, Deptt. of Electrical  Engg.MNIT, Jaipur Mobile: 9414262615, 9549662615 Ex-Officio     Member
9 Deans (Emerging Technologies) Prof. Rajesh Kumar Professor & Head,  Deptt. of Ele. Engg., MNIT, Jaipur   Ex-Officio     Member
10 Deans (Fashion Design) Ms. Archana Surana Director, Arch College of Design & Business, Jaipur Mobile: 9799633000   Ex-Officio     Member
11 Deans (Financial and Commercial  Skills) Prof. Sachhidanand Saxena Retd. Professor of ABST, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Mobile: 9314811514  Ex-Officio     Member
12 Deans (Hospitality and Tourism) Prof. Ashok Singh Retd. Professor of Tourism and Hotel Management, MLSU, Udaipur Ex-Officio     Member
13 Deans (Mining Engineering Skills and Petroleum and Energy Sector Skills) Sh. Dileep Kumar Saxena Dean of Mining Engineering Skills and Petroleum Engineering Sector Skills Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur Ex-Officio     Member
14 Deans (Network and Hardware) Dr. Pilli Emmanuel Shubhakar Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering MNIT, Jaipur Ex-Officio     Member
15 Deans (Product Design) Dr. Toolika Gupta Director, IICD, Jaipur Mobile: 9350029525    Ex-Officio     Member
  Deans (Security and Surveillance) Vacant Ex-Officio     Member
16 Deans (Software and ITES) Prof. Vijay Laxmi Professor of Comp. Sc. & Engg. MNIT, Jaipur Mobile: 9549659444, 9680790204    Ex-Officio     Member
17 The Registrar   Member
18 The Controller of Examinations  Dr. Mohammad Husain, Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur    Ex-Officio     Member
19 The Director of Skill Education Prof. Ashok K. Nagawat, Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur            Ex-Officio        Member-Secretary